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"For any jewelry ideas you have, we turn them into a reality. Just contact us to get started."

Many of our custom designed pieces are handmade, but we also offer our customers custom jewelry designing using the latest technology a "CAD" based computer program . Using the CAD program gives us the ability to show our customers a 3D preview of their jewelry prior to creating it. 

The gallery below are pictures of custom created jewelry for customers and are not available for sale. If you are interested in having a custom piece designed, please contact us.

If you are feeling artistic and would like to create your own jewelry piece, please click on the link below. You will be able to chose from a wide variety of stock designs and customize them to satisfy your creative vision. 

Custom Design Center



This is a showcase of some of our custom jewelry pieces we designed in the "CAD" based computer program .

 As shown with this custom designed ring we created, the design was first done on a computer , which allowed the customer to visualize how the finish product will look from every angle.  

Then we converted the design into stunning and elegant reality.



The following are examples of previous custom designed jewelry:

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