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Mira Jewelry Design

Sterling Silver Agate And Chalcedony Pendant

$ 140.00


This sterling silver pendant would look beautiful with a chain. The pendant has a freeform agate stone at the top and a square faceted chalcedony stone. The bail is detailed with pebble and swirled lines to add to the overall look. The pendant does not come with a chain.

The pendant is 4.90 cm x 2.60 cm (49 mm x 26 mm). It weighs 16.5 grams.

  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Freeform Agate
    • 2.55 cm x 1.80 cm (25.5 mm x 18 mm)
  • Square Faceted Chalcedony
    • 1.50 cm x 1.50 cm (15 mm x 15 mm)

All sizes and weights are approximations