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5 Jewelry Trends from the 68th Annual Emmy Awards

20/09/2016 | Mira Alicki



The 68th Annual Emmy Awards took place Sunday night and, naturally, the Internet was abuzz with praise, commentary, and more for the TV-centric ceremony. The night boasted an abundance of laughs (mostly from host, Jimmy Kimmel), lavish looks (did you see Claire Danes’ metallic masterpiece?), and lasting impressions (Sarah Paulson, Kerry Washington, Taraji P. Henson, oh my!) Here are some of our takeaways from the big night:


Mixin’ Up the Jewel Tones 
As seen on Jane Krakowski and Natalie Morales

When there are so many fabulous jewels in the world, there’s no need to stick to only one jewel-tone color. Adding a touch of jade here and a hint of amethyst there, you can take a look to the next level.





Cut It Out
As seen on Kerry Washington and Tracee Ellis Ross

Negative space works for both dresses and jewelry. It gives pieces an open, airy yet delicate feel.





Fall Florals
As seen on Kristin Bell and Sarah Hyland

Fall most likely isn’t the first season that comes to mind when you think of flower patterns. However, florals can be a great autumn look. What works? Thicker fabrics and/or embroidery or beads to make it feel more substantial and not so dainty and springlike.





Blissful Blushes
As seen on Sofia Vergara and Emilia Clarke

Blush – a gorgeous color that’s somewhere between nude and a light pink – is the perfect way to master a subtly chic look. Rose gold is a great complement to blush ensembles.





Getting Geometric
As seen on Sarah Paulson and America Ferrera

If you can’t go all out on the red carpet, then where can you?! Bold, geometric designs offer a contrasting look that can help deliver an A-game style every time.





And we can’t forget about the 2017 #swagbag, especially not when it was valued at around $55k! Some items included were: plastic surgery, a vacation in St. Martin, dental work, a flamingo pool float, and even use of a service that makes wrapping paper out of your face!

There you have it, the 68th Emmys. Did you watch? What were your favorite styles? Share with us in the comments below!

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