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Roll Out The Red Carpet

31/03/2016 | Mira Alicki


Roll Out The Red Carpet

Ya’ll, I’m so excited! It’s my second favorite time of the year (behind Christmas) – award show season. It’s a time when fabulous dresses, trending hair/makeup, and the jewelry of dreams make their appearance in the limelight. And following the Twitter commentary on each star’s ensemble as they walk the red carpet makes for a perfect popcorn night in!

It’s no doubt we’re big jewelry fans here at Stuller. And we all have thoughts and opinions on the looks we see out and about. So, to sum it up, here are 3 trends we saw at the 73rd Golden Globe Awards.

1. Jewel tones seemed to be the color of choice. Greens for Jada Pinkett Smith and Jaimie Alexander. Olivia Wilde and Zendaya went with crimson hues. And true blues worked for Julianne Moore and Bryce Dallas Howard.


Olivia wildeZendaya86368

Bryce Dallas Howard86278

2. Pretty, feminine florals as seen on Amber Heard and Eva Longoria.

Amber Heard86338

Eva Longoria86280

3. Soft pastel pinks like the colors dawning Kate Bosworth and Leslie Mann.


leslie man71811



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