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The Battle of the Bands

31/03/2016 | Mira Alicki


It's All About The Bands

As one of our favorite seasons [Bridal Season] approaches, we’re gearing up to help our customers solve those perfect bridal equations. And this season we’ve noticed that it’s all about the bands – how many, what color, with stones, without, etc. In the equations below, you’ll find a sneak peak of exciting new trends in bands.

For the ladies…the equation is pretty simple!

1 engagement ring + 2 anniversary bands = 3 gorgeous stackable rings


Stacking bands and/or rings is one of the biggest trends in bridal right now. It’s an easy way to bring more sparkle and shine to your life. And, we strongly encourage you to mix it up! Take a look below to see some creative ways to mix, match, and stack your everyday bridal bands…

  • Give your stack a delicate look by adding a skinny hand-engraved or
    rope-style band
  • Add bands in multiple qualities to spice up your stack with more color
  • To make your stack a little more vibrant, bring some diamonds into the equation. A simple anniversary or eternity band is sure to do the trick!
  • Create a ring that means something to you by adding gemstones to signify a loved one’s birthstone or engrave a special message, name, or date
bands2 bands3 bands4

Now, for the gentlemen, we have a slightly different equation. For his band, it’s all about the color.

1 part yellow gold + 1 part white gold = 2 parts TWO-TONE

Adding different qualities to his band gives him the opportunity to sport a stylish, but subtle trend that continues to be present in the wedding band industry. Not a two-tone guy? Don’t worry, our advice is to take a classic wedding band and put a little twist on it. Make it yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum. Add a milgrain edge, brush finish, or even diamonds for additional accents. And just as we recommended for the ladies, personalize your ring with engraving to signify that special something or someone. Whatever you choose, your ring is sure to be something you love to show off every day.

bands5 bands6

What’s the most asked about band type in your store? White gold? Yellow? Engraved? Let us know about your band business in the comments below.

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