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3 Top Spring Summer Jewelry Trends to Rock This Season

30/05/2022 | Mira Alicki

From chunky chains to dainty pendants, there are plenty of jewelry trends to choose from this 2022 spring and summer collection. Today, we'll run through some of the hottest trends so you can choose the perfect pieces to add to your collection!

Spring Summer jewelry trends: yellow gold is back, perfect to upgrade your everyday wear

Looking for a way to add a bit of luxury to your everyday look? Consider upgrading your jewelry to yellow gold. This is the hottest and most loved trend in jewelry, shiny and forever lasting choice of metal. Yellow gold will instantly elevate any outfit, eye catching whether you’re wearing shorts and tee-shirt or a summer dress. Not sure how to style yellow gold jewelry? We’ve got you covered.

Check out our top three ways to rock yellow gold this spring and summer.

I. Go for bold, chunky pieces.



II. Opt for dainty, delicate designs.



III. Layer multiple pieces together.



Whether you go for a statement-making design or something more understated, yellow gold is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your look this season.

Birthstones, add color to trendy jewelry, it will positively impact your mood.

From lab-grown diamonds to birthstone gems, colorful jewelry styles will positively change how you feel. Add color to your 2022 spring-summer accessories.

With the heat of this season, many people find themselves swapping out their typically worn color palettes to much brighter colors that are trending this spring and summer. At Mira Jewelry we have a wide variety of colorful dainty and statement pieces that will upgrade your everyday looks.

You will find vibrant colors in our Family Jewelry Collection, pieces made in 14K Yellow gold, White gold and in Sterling Silver with many choices of gemstones that will enhance your clothing collection with a touch of color and elegance.


2022 Trending jewelry: Shine this season with Moissanite Jewelry 

What’s not to love about elegant moissanite jewelry? This gemstone is cut according to exact angles and proportions to maximize brilliance and reveal its inner beauty.

One of the best jewelry trends to rock this season! Moissanite, less expensive alternative to diamonds, with the same hardness and even more brilliance, forever brilliant and great statement in any design. Either set in 14kt. Yellow gold, Rose Gold, will enhance your looks with a brilliant statement at a great price.

Take a look below and discover a few trendy jewelry styles available at our store that are a perfect fit to add to your spring/summer jewelry collection.



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