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Introducing line of Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry, High-End Styles With Forever Brilliance

21/06/2022 | Mira Alicki

At Mira Jewelry Design we carefully chose styles and designed line of lab-grown diamond jewelry that presents the high end, expensive look at affordable prices. Our newest collection of lab-grown Diamond jewelry features a variety of both essential fashion and on-trend styles finished exclusively with lab-grown Diamonds.


What to expect in our Lab-Grown Diamond jewelry collection?

This collection offers a curated selection of top trending and essential lab-grown Diamond fine jewelry styles, consisting of approximately 50 finished jewelry styles.

These include earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. All are available in 14K white, yellow, and rose gold. Shop our new lab-grown Diamond fine jewelry collection here.




Lab-grown diamonds vs Natural Diamonds

The difference between Lab-Grown diamonds and Natural Diamonds can not be seen at first instance. Both gemstones have exactly the same level of durability, shine and hardness.

Only gemologist with proper equipment can identify if a diamond is lab-grown or natural. The most significant difference is the amount of nitrogen they contain. A natural diamond has small amounts of nitrogen while lab-grown diamonds don’t.

Also, natural diamonds are created on earth’s crust over million years, they pass a process of mining, cutting and polishing before being sold on the market, while lab-grown diamonds are grown in a laboratory and the process takes couple of months.

On the other hand, lab-grown diamonds are more ethical, there’s no mining involved. Both options follow the same process of cutting and polishing.

Last but not least, lab-grown diamonds are less expensive, approximately 40% less than a Natural Diamond, giving you the same quality at a much affordable price, which means whatever your budget is you can purchase a larger diamond.

As you can see, natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds are very similar. Discover our beatiful designs of lab-grown diamond jewelry and start shining with stylish, fine jewelry at affordable prices. Discover our lab-grown diamond collection here.

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