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Ruby Jewelry, The King Of Gems

30/08/2022 | Mira Alicki

Relished through ancient treasury and entertainment alike, it is no surprise that Ruby, “The King of gems”, has remained as one of the most significant gemstone in jewelry history. 

Rubies since ancient times have long been considered one of the most significant colored gemstones in history. Color red has always been the symbol of love and power.

Desired for ages under the premise and talisman of wealth, success, and health to its holder, Ruby jewelry inarguably built an empire as a talismanic treasure.


Rubies, gemstones for the passionate ones

Ruby Jewelry over the years has become a pricey token, symbol of affection. Who doesn’t remember Elizabeth Taylor’s  8.24-carat Ruby, Diamond and Gold ring, custom-made piece that symbolized a romantic promise of Richard Burton, her beloved husband.

Ruby gemstone are claimed and worn as necklaces, earrings and rings by July borns, as a symbol of passion, romance, strength and wisdom.

Rubies are not only worn by royals and celebrities, but also given by lovers as a timeless piece symbolizing passion. In current times, often gifted as an anniversary gift, inspiring those who have reached 15 to 40 years of marriage. 

Finding the perfect Ruby jewelry it is an easy process, with hundreds of styles, we will be able to find one you absolutely love. Discover some of our handmade Ruby Jewelry, a perfect gift for passionate lovers. 



How rubies get it’s precious red color?

Ruby is made of corundum, a mineral species that, despite being colorless at source, certain metals or impurities contain in the mineral gives the gems specific color. The impurities in corundum gems produce a large range of colors, with bright, saturated red being the preferred hue for significant value. 

For Ruby, color and hue are intrinsic to the value of the gemstone. Let’s discover the real value of ruby, and it’s color…


Real value of ruby gemstone 

Color can be controversial in determining the quality of the striking gemstone, with other corundum gems sneakily crossing into Sapphire territory. 

In terms of classifying Rubies, the process is highly dependents on the dominant hue, which is preferred as a fluorescent red. A finer Ruby is known to resemble a pigeons blood” shade with high chromium content and soft features.  

Aside from color, it is no surprise to many that Ruby relies heavily on weight as the highest per-carat, corundum gemstone, so much so, that gem cutters have found innovative ways to conserve weight when possible without sacrificing transparency of the color. 


Custom-made Ruby Jewelry

As we continue to see a steady rise in unique and custom design, stones have now reached new heights with nearly endless possibilities in size, shape, and shade.

From marquise shape to tapered baguette, the variety of Ruby shapes allows jewelers to create stunning handmade jewelry, whether it be a romantic gift or birthstone jewelry with added flair. At Mira Jewelry Design, we will turn your Ruby jewelry dreams into reality…

Quote your next custom Ruby jewelry style with us here. We will offer you options with attractive pricing without sacrificing gemstone’s enchanting appeal.

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