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Gemstone engagements for the next generation

14/06/2017 | Bold Support

Non-traditional engagement styles for trendy Millennials

Diamonds are rare, beautiful and, yes, forever. That’s not going to change anytime soon. But gemstone engagements are making a splash among Millennial buyers. Remember that recently the DPA ran its “Real is Rare” campaign? It aimed at rekindling the diamond romance with younger customers. Since the Millennial group is the largest generation in our nation’s history, it’s advantageous to understand what drives this sweeping customer base. So the question remains: Are Millennials attracted to gemstone engagements because of their uniqueness or affordability? Well, the short answer is both!

Gemstone engagements stray from conventional norms and offer individual expression for younger audiences. Their bursts of color grant wearers freedom from the traditional look and communicate uniqueness. Also, many gemstones have a lower price point, attracting frugal Millennials who opt to allocate their money elsewhere. However, this isn’t always the case. In fact, with gemstone popularity on the rise, certain stones can rival diamonds in price per carat.

 After reviewing the numbers, we’ve isolated our bestselling stones for gemstone engagements. Then, take inspiration from digital designs (several shown below) that incorporate traditional designs with contemporary gemstone centers.


Morganite + Rose Gold: A Romantic Combination

A diamond halo encircles this rosy Morganite. The heart-accented gallery and rose gold sheen make for a very romantic union. Plus, Morganite is in an overwhelming lead as the most popular springtime gemstone.

Style: Gemstone Engagements Rose Gold Halo Oval Morganite Ring




Classic French-Set Blue Sapphire

Sizable diamonds adorn this blue sapphire, exemplifying traditional diamond accents coupled with a colorful contemporary center. The burnished yellow gold richly complements the velvety blue sapphire.

Style: Gemstone Engagements Gold Round Blue Sapphire Ring



Vintage-Inspired Ruby Ring

This vintage-inspired ring unites this luxurious ruby — eternal symbol of passion — with the refined art-deco style. These enduring elements mix well with the trendy diamond halo and rose gold metal choice.

Style: Gemstone Engagement Rose Gold Vintage Ruby Ring



Emerald with Classic Baguette Accents

Here’s another twist on old meets new: a modern halo-style design with classic baguette accents adorning a striking emerald center.

Style: Gemstone Engagements White Gold Halo Emerald Baguette Ring



Yellow Sapphire on Yellow Gold

This bypass design features an interwoven halo that draws the eye to the center stone. The yellow sapphire and yellow gold combination offer a trendy look we see in gemstone engagements.

Style: Gemstone Engagement Bypass Halo Yellow Sapphire Ring



Aquamarine with Geometric Shank

Simple and focused, this geometric shank with diamond accents directs attention to the aquamarine center stone held with pronounced white gold prongs.

Style:  Gemstone Engagements White Gold Aquamarine Oval Ring



How are gemstone engagement rings received among your friends? Are you one of those millennials that will trade a diamond for a color gemstone in a custom design, one-of-a-kind ring? Let us know in the comments below!


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