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28/10/2016 | Mira Alicki

Stones that scream with Halloween personality

Planning to look freaky fabulous this Halloween? Pick your monster and perfectly spooky gems to match!


Count Dracula is known for his devilish charm. And like this beloved vampire villain’s favorite dinner, Rubies reflect a deep blood red similar to what runs in the veins. Fiery and romantic, showing brilliant depth and intensity, the red hue of draculaRuby is certain to draw attention. It is equally appealing to both men and women who seek to convey strength, honor, and classic style – not to mention passion and love (much like Drac himself).

Mozambique Garnet, glowing deep red with hints of orange and brown, is reminiscent of an autumn harvest and is a perfect fit for the fall season. Its warmth gives a special appeal to those who seek a sophisticated, yet organic look.

rubiesDark like the dead of night, Onyx makes an unmistakable statement of power, authority, and sophistication. Its versatility allows for pairing with brilliantly colored gems or can also stand alone for a bold and richly self-assured look. Channel your inner Dracula by pairing the mystical black of Onyx with gothic-inspired designs.


One of the most recognizable and celebrated characters of Halloween are witches with their brooms, pointy hats, and black cats. Gemstones themselves have long been witchassociated with witches and sorcery. Like looking deep into a cauldron, Amethyst reflects the drama and excitement of purple. Perhaps because of its depth and richness, Amethyst has always been associated with intense emotion. It's plum hues make it an ideal accessory for fall and winter and are a great choice for special occasion wear, as well as, a great everyday accessory.

Also a source of enchantment and imagination, Alexandrite features mesmerizingtourmalinated_quartz color swings from red to purple to green, depending on the light source, which makes it the most famous and popular of all color-changing stones. It's natural untreated colors are perfect for those who look for a unique expression.

The sharp, scratchy look of Tourmalinated Quartz makes it seem as though the stone was meant for Halloween. Like looking into a witch’s crystal ball, the black inclusions appear to be trapped in the clear quartz. It’s these exceptional features that give Tourmalinated Quartz a mystical reputation and fuels rumors of its ability to shield wearers from negative energy.


The moon will be new on Halloween this year, so by legend, we’ll have one less crawling creature to worry about since werewolves are storied to appear with the full moon.

werewolfModern adaptations of the creature are depicted with glowing yellow eyes. This haunting glow can be replicated by the exotic, honey-tinged color of Tigers Eye. When cut in a cabochon shape, this unique gem flashes beams of light that resemble the eye of a tigereyejungle cat or mythical werewolf. Its golden warmth and rich luster are worn by both men and women and is prized by those who seek the mysterious and unusual in their jewelry. It is said that Tigers Eye has the ability to protect its owner from harm and to assist in thinking clearly, so sport this stone on Halloween to keep those pesky werewolves at bay.

Jack o’ Lanterns

Is there any color more closely associated with fall and Halloween season than orange? The bright and fiery shade illuminates jack o’ lanterns, a hallmark of the holiday. Did you know that the Jack o’ lantern traditionheadlesshorseman began in Ireland, and was originally carved from turnips? And as for spooky folklore, in the short story, The Legend of Sleepy Hallow, a Headless Horseman rode through the night, sometimes pictured carrying his carved pumpkin headpiece.

If that narrative gave you an exciting chill, you’ll love the electrifying allure of Mexican Fire Opal. Its intense sparkle reveals a smoldering interior fire, bursting with life and vitality. Likewise, boasting similarly rich hues, Spessartite Garnet is a gem with yearfire-opal-round fashion potential. Its natural color is ideal for those who seek accessories whose beauty is unaltered, especially for fall fashion. Finally, Carnelian boasts warm energy, ranging in color from vivid orange to ginger, and complements virtually any skin complexion. Carnelian has reputed ability to help its wearer think clearly, balancing the creative and the logical sides of the mind, a far cry from the headless horseman, right?


Like the creation of a new monster, Tsavorite Garnet is formed when tectonic plates collide, with pressure and heat so intense that most stones are fractured and emerge as frankensteintiny pieces. This makes a gem weighing more than several carats a rarity. Boasting high brilliance, Tsavorite Garnet’s rich and intense shades of green make it the perfect Halloween accessory.

As Frankenstein was given life through electric shock, so is Mystic Topaz. The colorful gemstone actually begins as a clear, White Topaz. It then undergoes a process called “vacuum deposition,” by where a coating of titanium is permanently applied to the back ofgreen-mystic the gem through the use of electricity. This shimmering stone boasts many shades and is sure to satisfy your color cravings.

Bloodstone, or more properly named Heliotrope, offers a complex, masculine appeal. It is characterized by a dark green background speckled with inclusions of red color. These red spots were believed to be drops of Christ’s blood, which is where we get the name Bloodstone. These deep, dark colors are thrown together much like Frankenstein himself, making the gemstone as mysterious as the storied creature.


Do you believe in ghosts? Halloween is rampant with ghost stories and fables that bring these spirits to life. Rumored to be mostly invisible, ghostly apparitions may appear as misty, shadowy silhouettes.

ghostMoonstones also hold a hazy, milky, and intriguing translucence. The ghostly, ever-shifting play of light and shadow within its depths reveal a cryptic luster. Moonstone radiates like the ever glow of moonlight; and what’s more spooky than a full moon on Halloween night?moonstone

Also enigmatic because of its reflective hues, white opal can be described as wondrous, magical, and exciting. It is dynamic and changing; something is always happening just beneath its surface. Opal is sometimes attributed to granting its wearer invisibility in certain circumstances, perfectly fitting for ghosts and ghouls alike.


What do you love about Halloween? Are there any gemstones that fly off the shelves this time of year? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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